Services for the Power and Communications Industry

With highly skilled electrical and communications workers, a large fleet of specialised vehicles and years of experience Active Infrastructure Services offer a long list of services to the Power and Communications industry including

  • Survey and Inspection of Infrastructure Assets
  • Pole Dressing
  • Aerial Fibre Optic Cable Installation
  • Underground Fibre Optic Cable Installation
  • Civil Works and Reinstatement
  • Fibre Optic Testing
  • Street Light Maintenance


Australia Wide

The Active Group is represented in every state and have a long history in delivering services in urban as well as rural and remote areas. A significant part of our expertise is in managing mobile and remote resources to deliver efficient services in any environment. By having the right planning, supervision and works and measurement systems, productivity will be optimised no matter the location.


Innovation and Technology

At Active we are proud of our reputation for innovation. We constantly challenge ourselves to improve and drive efficiency improvements with innovations in plant, equipment, work methods and systems. Active have often led the industry in introducing innovations including

  • Remote control aerial reach equipment
  • Spatial based mobile survey and works management system
  • Hybrid plant that combines multiple work capabilities on one vehicle

Technology is an important part of Active Infrastructure Services’ strategy to provide safe, reliable and cost-efficient solutions. Our willingness to embrace and invest in the latest and most appropriate technology for the job allows us to maintain a significant competitive advantage over our competitors.


Survey and Field Management System

At Active Infrastructure Services we utilise our cutting edge survey and works management system (Active Mobile)  to collect infrastructure field information and manage field resources.

Developed in-house Active Mobile is an Infrastructure Asset Survey, Install and Maintenance system. Active Mobile presents an asset database in a geographical interface and provides a GPS based system for wireless in-field surveying and deployment of works. Using Active Mobile an inspector or surveyor can build a program of jobs that is recorded spatially using a GPS portable device. The jobs can then be dynamically programmed and issued electronically to crews and appear as work packages on in-vehicle portable devices (usually toughbooks). Active mobile is more than an infield data collection tool, it is a complete asset database and program/works management tool for infrastructure projects and infrastructure maintenance. The system is web based and accessible anywhere there is an internet connection. The great advantage of the system is the visibility it provides to the field. A manager or supervisor can see and manage from the office or their vehicle the full pipeline of work and up to the minute activity at a very granular level, represented in a tabular or spatial format. Active Mobile empowers business to manage program and drive productivity.